I am a Turkish corporate & business lawyer working on tech-related matters.

My tech journey started with the legendary Commodore 64 and continued with Amiga 500 and other technologies.
At some point, I even considered being an engineer. However, solving equations with many unknowns arising from human nature has become more attractive. So, 20+ years ago, I entered the legal profession and started working with clients in tech.

My perception of technology is broader than computers, intelligent devices, hardware, or software.
So, any concept that requires engineering is a technology for me. In this respect, for instance, I worked extensively with investors in the power sector, advised them on various corporate and business matters, and built up, led, and worked with wonderful and talented legal teams.

Along with these duties and responsibilities, I have always longed to study the philosophical aspects of legal issues.
So, six years ago, I started pursuing a Ph.D. and researching the legal implications of relatively newer and unregulated technologies such as cryptocurrencies and artificial intelligence. And I have also been sharing my views on corporate and business law and matters at the intersection of law & technology here on my blog quarterly.

So, my deep-dive adventure to solve equations with many unknowns continues.
We will see the outcomes before long!