June 2024

Türkiye’s Crypto Assets Bill: Who Seems to Win and Who Seems to Lose?

As expected, Türkiye’s Crypto Assets Bill was recently submitted to the Turkish Parliament. Though several regulations are currently in force, it will be Türkiye’s most detailed regulation regarding crypto assets. So, which crypto assets fall under the scope of the Bill? What are the highlights and first impressions of the Bill? And who are the potential winners and losers?... Read More

March 2024

Gold Washing with Ethics Washing: A Foreign Investor in Türkiye

Once upon a time, there was a company. It was a large one with investments in different parts of the world, and its shares were traded on various stock exchanges worldwide. This company had values and principles; it was ethical, human-friendly, and nature-friendly. But one day, it was said to be involved in a major disaster. This disaster happened at the Çöpler village gold mine in İliç, Erzincan, Türkiye.... Read More

December 2023

“Deceiving” Football Celebrity in Florida to “Deceived” Football Celebrities in Istanbul: Unregistered Securities on One Side and Unregistered Money on the Other

While Ronaldo is facing a US$1 billion lawsuit related to unregistered securities, famous football players in Türkiye sue a bank and its former branch manager for millions of US dollars in bags of cash allegedly embezzled by the branch manager. Can the bank be held liable for alleged damages? On what basis? Breach of contract? Torts? Unjust enrichment?... Read More

September 2023

What Do Recent Regulations and Court Judgments About Cryptocurrencies Tell Us?

Cryptocurrencies’ legal status remains unclear. However, some regulations and court judgments shed some light on this issue. They tell us that you cannot use cryptocurrencies in payments; if you are trading cryptocurrencies, you are an investor; cryptocurrencies you hold are part of your assets; and as a cryptocurrency holder, you bear all the risks.... Read More

June 2023

Fashion and Privacy: Could Eyebrow Trends Be Serving Facial Recognition Technologies?

The eyebrows have important roles in our lives, such as supporting nonverbal communication. Thus, the thick and perfect eyebrow trend of almost ten years may tell us something. Let's look from a privacy perspective with a focus on technology. Is it a coincidence that this trend coincides with a period when the developments in artificial intelligence technologies, thus facial recognition technologies, accelerate?... Read More

March 2023

Earthquakes, Compulsory Earthquake Insurance, and Hard-to-Answer Questions

The Kahramanmaraş-centered earthquake on 06 February 2023 hit us all deeply, and we have been discussing the liabilities of building owners, contractors, building inspectors, municipalities, ministries, etc., for the last 52 days. Keeping these aside, compensating the damages is another issue, and compulsory earthquake insurance is crucial in this regard.... Read More

December 2022

National Tech-Entrepreneurship Strategy and “Digital Company”

The National Tech-Entrepreneurship Strategy was announced a short time ago. It discusses Tech-Startups and proposes policies to grow and strengthen them. Among these policy proposals is the “digital company.” But is it indeed digital, or is it indeed what entrepreneurs need? What are other proposals? Do they meet the needs of the industry?... Read More

September 2022

Do Global Political Developments Threaten International Legal Collaborations?

Did we take international legal collaborations for granted? Is international law firms’ immediate decision to leave Russia following the recent Ukraine-Russia conflict justifiable? Is this the ending of international legal collaborations or the beginning of transformed practices?... Read More

June 2022

What If a State Is Governed Like a Corporation?

Let’s suppose a state is a corporation. Who would be the owner of this corporation? What kind of a corporation would this be? And, how would such a corporation be run?... Read More

March 2022

What is Resignation (Istifa)? Can It Be Accepted? Rejected? Revoked?

Can the board of directors of a corporation accept a board member’s resignation? Or can a manager reject an employee’s resignation? What about the resigned person? Can they revoke their resignation and continue the relationship as if nothing has happened?... Read More

December 2021

Environmental Impact of Rising Technologies: Are Electric Vehicles, Cryptocurrencies, Artificial Intelligence, and Similar Technologies Guilty or Not Guilty?

Are we aware of how these rising technologies increase the current electricity demand and consume the resources from which we generate this electricity? Is renewable energy the solution? Or?... Read More

September 2021

National Artificial Intelligence Strategy from Ethical and Legal Aspects

The National Artificial Intelligence Strategy was announced recently. What are the ethical values and principles adopted by this Strategy? How about the Strategy’s legal goals, and what should the legal policies be?... Read More

June 2021

Does the Bearer Share Certificate Concept Still Have Any Meaning Following the Recent Amendments?

The legislator made significant amendments regarding bearer shares recently. The Board of Directors should notify the Central Securities Depository when they issue bearer share certificates, so should the transferee, when bearer shareholders transfer their bearer share certificates. Well, does the bearer share certificate concept still have any meaning following these amendments?... Read More

March 2021

Electronic Services: Is a Customer’s Mother’s Maiden Name Still an Appropriate Security Question?

Why has the mother’s maiden name become a security question? What has changed, and what is the current state? What can be done?... Read More

December 2020

Can Cryptocurrencies be “Paid in” as Capital Contribution?

Cryptocurrencies are still trendy, with bitcoin having a “value” exceeding USD 25,000 as of 30 December 2020. How about “paying” them in as a capital contribution to a company? In ordinary partnerships? In joint-stock corporations?... Read More

June 2020

Using Cheques as a Loan Mechanism: “Post-dated Cheques”

The economic difficulties brought by the COVID-19 pandemic, which has influenced the whole world since the beginning of 2020, keep cheque payments and associated issues on the agenda. Post-dated cheques are among these issues. What is a post-dated cheque? Is it legal? Can an electronic cheque be drawn post-dated?... Read More

December 2019

Companies’ Compliance Obligations: Is it Limited to the Law on the Protection of Personal Data?

The Law on the Protection of Personal Data was a priority on almost all companies’ agenda in 2019. However, there are many other local and international regulations that need consideration. What are these regulations, the risks of non-compliance, and the rewards and savings of compliance? What could be the suggestions?... Read More

September 2019

Confusing Concepts: Joint Ventures, Consortia, and Business Partnerships

Due to technological developments, undertaking projects that entail great economic power, technical knowledge, and expertise require the cooperation of companies with different fields of specialization and diverse financial capabilities. Types of such collaboration are often confused with each other. So, what are the types of such cooperation, their common aspects, and their differences?... Read More

June 2019

Not a Widely Enjoyed Right: Joint-Stock Corporation Shareholders’ Right to Derivative Suit

Executives may impair corporations and get away with it, as they are the ones who take decisions on behalf of the very corporations. What would the shareholders do in such a situation? The right to derivative suit, “not a widely enjoyed right,” offers a solution to this problem... Read More

March 2019

Law Technologies

We are familiar with technology laws, such as cybercrime, information security, electronic commerce, cybersecurity, internet law, and personal data protection, but what do “law technologies” mean?... Read More